Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, the District Prison in Belgrade established spaces for shared living room of detainees and took measures for its adequate equipment, in which are detainees in Prison under the same conditions as prisoners. They are allowed to spent, a certain part of the day, in contact with other detainees with whom they are not prohibited contact by court decision. All blocks for accommodation of detainees, according to the plan of reconstruction of the accommodation space for the persons deprived of their liberty, will be reconstructed by the end of 2019 and in all will be provided with a shared living room.

During this visit, the NPM team paid special attention to the situation of women in the detention unit. It was founded that the block in which are women detainees is not in accordance with applicable standards, and they were barred from the right to use electronic media, as well as adequate hygiene packages that satisfies the specific needs of women. Prison indicated that by the end of year 2017 the block will be reconstructed, and to the completion of the planned works woman detainees will be moved to the block that has been renovated.

Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, Working unit for adults and the elderly with mental disabilities in Tesica has taken certain measures in order to respect the privacy rights of beneficiaries providing lockers for storage of personal belongings of beneficiaries and by reconstituting their bathrooms. Measures has been undertaken relating to the rights of beneficiaries in contact with their relatives and freedom of movement outside the Institution. Beneficiaries in the Institution, according to to the information given by colleagues from NGO, are particularly pleased with frequent outings outside the Institution, which was provided after the visit of the NPM.

NPM in June 2015, in order to monitor the treatment of beneficiaries, visited a Working unit for adults and the elderly with mental disabilities in Tesica, which is an integral part of the Gerontology Center "Jelenac" in city Aleksinac.

Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, addressed in the Report on the visit to the District Prison in Novi Sad (DP), Department for Execution of Criminal Sanctions sent an instruction to all the institutions for execution of criminal sanctions on the manner of conducting body search and other proceedings of persons who come to visit PDLs. Also, the Department will conduct a public call for the recruitment of 40 officers within the security services in DP Novi Sad.

In accordance with the recommendations, the Department will provide funds for the purchase of equipment that is missing in the infirmary, and hired a psychiatrist to be present at the Prison twice a week for at least four hours.

The NPM carried out, in May 2015, the visit of DP Novi Sad in order to monitor treatment as recommended in the Report on the visit, from October 2014. On that occasion, to the DP in Novi Sad and to the Directorate were sent 17 recommendations for removing the identified deficiencies.

Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, Juvenile Correctional Institution in Valjevo carried out remodeling / renovations of the right wing of the building "Boarding School", of the kitchen and the dining room. Also, certain adaptations were made in the Department of intensive supervision (DIS), provided the marquee on the boardwalk for prisoners in DIS, and measures were also undertaken in order of better coverage with video surveillance system. Records of the processing of complaints and appeals by inmates now are kept neat and Treatment work with prisoners is intensified, particularly when it comes to a sentenced juveniles. Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, the Institution will commence from October 2015 an periodic medical examinations of inmates on every three months.

NPM carried out, in June 2015, the visit to the Juvenile Correctional Institution in order to monitor the acting upon the recommendations given in the Report on the visit from December 2013.

Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, District Prison (DP) Leskovac enabled for the convicted in the admission department and punished for a misdemeanors that on every person comes at least eight cubic meters and four square meters of space in dormitories. Prisoners in the admission department enabled a walk in the open air at least two hours a day. Activities are underway to repairing humidity on the walls and replace worn-out equipment in the toilet and bathroom. A number of worn out beds and mattresses have been replaced. Also, it was ordered and the additional quantity of beds and mattresses to replace all defective mattresses and beds that are still in use. Provided hygienic means, determined cleaning schedules, as well as taking disciplinary measures against inmates who do not implement the specified obligations hygiene. Meanwhile, Prison is enabling room for the accommodation of persons with disabilities, and waiting approval of funds for the purchase of a wheelchair.