Penal - Correctional Institution in Nis has acted on all the recommendations of the NPM, which are sent to the them in order to improve the position of persons deprived of their liberty (PDLs) in Pavilion II (closed ward and detention).

Penitentiary Niš has renovated all the rooms on the ground floor; the toilets are separated from the rest of the room; the living room for prisoners is provided; prisoners are now able to watch the television programs in their dormitories; rooms for non-smokers are provided; poor condition dormitories in the basement are ejected from the use, while in the room for visits of the close persons is installed alarm (for calling the prison guard). Price list items from the canteen is highlighted in all parts of the Penitentiary and is available to all PDLs. Medical examinations of prisoners, as a rule, is carried out without the presence of members of the security services, and prison doctors regularly perform a detailed tour of the areas set aside for the accommodation of PDLs and about all relevant facts, related to the state of health of these persons and premises they use, shall notify the warden, along with measures for improvement.

NPM carried out night visit to Penitentiary Nis on 31 March 2015. During the visit, members of the team visited the premises of Pavilion II, PDLs premises, and interviewed them to determine the possible cases of torture. After the visit, NPM team made the report on the visit with recommendations.