Acting on the recommendations of the Ombudsman the Police Department (PD) Prokuplje, all detained persons are handed a written notice on the rights of detainees and allows them to inspect the the record of the detention. Medical documentation on the examination of detained persons are no longer invests in cases of detention, in order to objectively observing and correct assessment of the justification of the use of force, they are obtaining written statements from the person against whom the means of coercion were used and make the connection between the circumstances of the use of force and the creation of possible injuries.

PD Prokuplje is to some extent improve the material conditions in detention facilities, such as enhanced artificial lighting and improved hygiene. Also, in order to undertake further activities for the full implementation of the recommendations, which require greater financial resources, PD Prokuplje sent the letter to the Directorate of Police and the Department of Finance, Human Resources and Common Affairs - Directorate for General Affairs. The room in Police station Kursumlija, which is in the report on the visit stated that it is completely unsuitable, was thrown out of use, and the detention will be carried out in other police stations in the composition of PD Prokuplje.

The Ombudsman carried out the work of the NPM, and after regular visits to Prokuplje Police Department in June 2015, drew up a report on the visit with 13 recommendations and sent it to this Department and to the Ministry.