Acting on the recommendations of the Ombudsman, the Police Department (PD) Pirot handed to all persons in police custody a written notice on the rights of detained persons. Medical documents with sensitive data on the examination of detained persons are no longer invests in cases of dentention and police officers do not attend the medical examination of detained persons, unless the examining doctor requests it. Also, the decision on detention and other relevant documents is allowed to detained person have with him/her during the detention measure and record keeping after completion of detention shall be made available and the signed by the detained person.

Material conditions in the detention facilities PD Pirot were somewhat improved, so as provide adequate flow of fresh air and an increasingly artificial lighting. Also, in order to fully implement the recommendations relating to the coverage of the detention room for video surveillance, which require additional financial investments, PD Pirot addressed the local government.

The Ombudsman carried out the work of the NPM, and after regular visits to the Pirot Police Department in June 2015, drew up a report on the visit with the 14 recommendations and sent it to this Department and the Ministry.