Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, District Prison (DP) Leskovac enabled for the convicted in the admission department and punished for a misdemeanors that on every person comes at least eight cubic meters and four square meters of space in dormitories. Prisoners in the admission department enabled a walk in the open air at least two hours a day. Activities are underway to repairing humidity on the walls and replace worn-out equipment in the toilet and bathroom. A number of worn out beds and mattresses have been replaced. Also, it was ordered and the additional quantity of beds and mattresses to replace all defective mattresses and beds that are still in use. Provided hygienic means, determined cleaning schedules, as well as taking disciplinary measures against inmates who do not implement the specified obligations hygiene. Meanwhile, Prison is enabling room for the accommodation of persons with disabilities, and waiting approval of funds for the purchase of a wheelchair.

In accordance with the recommendations, Prison installed a new video surveillance system with much greater coverage. Rooms which are under video surveillance are visibly marked, and video clips are stored longer than 30 days.

Also, the medical report regarding the measures of coercion contains the details from the person against whom the measure was applied, as well as an opinion on the connection between the measures applied and the resulting injuries.

NPM performed nightly unannounced visit to the DP Leskovac on 27 April 2015 during which were conducted conversation with about 70 inmates, and on the next day had the regular visits of the whole prison. After the visit, NPM made the Report on the visit with the 23 recommendations of measures to remedy identified deficiencies.