Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, Juvenile Correctional Institution in Valjevo carried out remodeling / renovations of the right wing of the building "Boarding School", of the kitchen and the dining room. Also, certain adaptations were made in the Department of intensive supervision (DIS), provided the marquee on the boardwalk for prisoners in DIS, and measures were also undertaken in order of better coverage with video surveillance system. Records of the processing of complaints and appeals by inmates now are kept neat and Treatment work with prisoners is intensified, particularly when it comes to a sentenced juveniles. Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, the Institution will commence from October 2015 an periodic medical examinations of inmates on every three months.

NPM carried out, in June 2015, the visit to the Juvenile Correctional Institution in order to monitor the acting upon the recommendations given in the Report on the visit from December 2013.