Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, addressed in the Report on the visit to the District Prison in Novi Sad (DP), Department for Execution of Criminal Sanctions sent an instruction to all the institutions for execution of criminal sanctions on the manner of conducting body search and other proceedings of persons who come to visit PDLs. Also, the Department will conduct a public call for the recruitment of 40 officers within the security services in DP Novi Sad.

In accordance with the recommendations, the Department will provide funds for the purchase of equipment that is missing in the infirmary, and hired a psychiatrist to be present at the Prison twice a week for at least four hours.

The NPM carried out, in May 2015, the visit of DP Novi Sad in order to monitor treatment as recommended in the Report on the visit, from October 2014. On that occasion, to the DP in Novi Sad and to the Directorate were sent 17 recommendations for removing the identified deficiencies.