Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, the Border Police Station at Belgrade airport "Nikola Tesla", has introduced a system for keeping track of all persons who express an intention to seek asylum in the Republic of Serbia, so that each of them are photographed and fingerprinted. For performing of these tasks the necessary equipment has been provided, as well as "Papillon system". The officers of the border police station in Belgrade were trained to work on this System. Measures were taken for the construction of airport facilities for accommodation of foreigners who do not fulfill the conditions for entry into the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with the standards. In order to establish and keep records on persons who are placed in this room, Border Police, based on the recommendations of the NPM, will take measures within their jurisdiction to initiate a draft on Law on records and data processing in the field of internal affairs, predict data processing for these persons.

NPM in June 2015, visited Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" in order to monitor the treatment of police officers and airport security toward migrants / asylum seekers and persons who are temporarily in a special area of ​​the airport, because they do not fulfill the conditions for entry into the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

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