Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, Zaječar Police Department (PD) hand to all detainees a written notice of rights, and after completing the detention written record of detention for insight and signature. Costs of food for all detainees in police stations now come from the Police Department Zaječar.

Material conditions in the detention facilities of the PD Zaječar have been enhanced, so as better artificial illumination is provided, while in police stations Sokobanja and Boljevac were starting with preparation of project documentation and provision of funds for renovation of existing premises for detention. Also, PD Zaječar has taken measures and provided keeping audio and video surveillance in all police stations. In the coming period, with the consent of the Police Directorate, PD Zaječar is planning to conduct the training for police officers in relation to work with persons with mental disabilities.

The Ombudsman in carrying out the work of the NPM, in November 2015, visited Zajecar Police Department in order to monitor the treatment of detained persons and to follow up the recommendations addressed through the report on the visit in 2012.