In accordance with the recommendations of the NPM, police officers in Police Department Subotica will in their future work allow to all PDLs to keep with them in cells all the relevant documentation (decision on detention, the form notice of rights, medical report, etc.. ) during the deprivation. Decision on detention will continue to be issueed and handed to the PDLs in legally prescribed time limits, and also the patterns on the rights of detained persons are made in foreign and national minority languages, classified and labeled, so that police officers can give to the PDLs in a language they understand. Police officers will be applied in the reports of police powers specify the exact time of their start and end, and will not attend the medical examination of a detained person, except in situations when the doctor asks.

Police Department Subotica has taken measures in order to eliminate the identified deficiencies in the treatment of detainees, and for the purpose of complying with the recommendations addressed from NPM, they introduced all the organizational units within the Department. Also, Department informed the police station in its composition that in the future duty police officers have to have the keys form all official premises available in order to allow the NPM to fully perform their mandat during the (night) unannounced visits.

NPM has conducted unannounced nighttime visit Police Department Subotica on 24 March 2016. After visit NPM submitted a report on the visit, with six recommendations for elimination of the identified deficiencies.