Management of the District Prison in Subotica issued to all departments and divisions of the Prison guidance on the future conduct in accordance with the recommendations of the NPM. Recommendations for whose implementation is necessary to hire additional funding will be provided for in the financial plans for 2017.

Directorate for Execution of Criminal Sanctions will consider, in order to improve material living conditions for PDLs, most suitable solution within the planned financial resources for construction and reconstruction of the building of the Prison, and shall take measures to ensure that the Department systematically filled the position of graduate lawyers. When it comes to the recommendations relating to the treatment of foreigners / migrants, management has indicated that it will provide the necessary financial resources to enable foreigners translation services, and information about their rights and house rules at the Prison on the languages ​​that they understand. Also, the Board has ordered the Department to allow strangers phone calls abroad, in accordance with the law.

NPM visited the District Prison in Subotica on 24 and 25 March 2016. After visit, to the Prison was submitted Report on the visit, with 50 recommendations for the elimination of the identified deficiencies.