Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, District Prison in Leskovac has performed the renovation of the kitchen and dining room, as well as the adaptation of premises for visit of close persons. A larger number of common bathrooms and toilets has been renovated and made a regular hygienic whitewashing all the rooms and corridors of the "old pavilion." The project was made to build a new facility closed within the existing complex of the Prison, whose construction should begin in early 2017, with a capacity for about 500 persons. The new facility is planned to include workshops in which they will be allowed to work engagement, and prisoners who are classified into the closed ward.

Directorate for Execution of Criminal Sanctions informed the NPM that in the framework of the EU - IPA Fund 2013 for the training of employees and improvement of training programs of the Centre for training and vocational training, started the implementation of training for trainers employed in the service of treatment for the implementation of specialized treatment programs for prisoners, for the managers of the departments, members of the security service and health care workers.

NPM visited District Prison in Leskovac on 28 April 2016, in order to monitor the implementation of the recommendations addressed in the Report on the visit in 2015.