Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, the Administration for the enforcement of penal sanctions will improve the training of prison staff within the topic "Gender equality". The goal of training is to provide additional education at the Centre for training and professional development for prison staff in the field of standards and principles of equality and non-discrimination in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity.
Correctional Institution in Belgrade - Padinska Skela will improve the material conditions in the facility for accomodation of misdemeanour offenders and take special measures to protect transgender persons from discrimination.
The NPM visited the Correctional Institute in Belgrade - Padinska Skela on 21. of June 2016, in order to monitor the treatment of transgender inmates, on which has made a report with recommendations for eliminating the identified deficiencies. On this occasion, interviews were conducted with two transgender women, serving a sentence of imprisonment imposed for the misdemeanour offenders in this Institution.
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