Acting on the recommendations of the National Preventive Mechanism, Smederevo District Prison organized the reception and sending of written submissions of persons deprived of their liberty in a way that will respect the confidentiality of correspondence, stopped the practice under which persons who have been submitted to the application of special measures and persons who haven't been submitted to these measures are in the same dormitory and established records required by the Law on execution of criminal sanctions. Of particular importance for the prevention of torture is that the Prison established the Book of injuries, in which all injuries of persons deprived of their liberty will be recorded, that the injuries will be photographed and that the medical reports on the screening that have been made after the application of coercive measures will contain a statement made by a person to whom the measure was applied on the manner of injuries and also the medical opinion about the relation between the applied measure and the existing injuries.
Of the missing medical equipment ECG device, an inhaler and a pulse oximeter were purchased and medical records of persons deprived of liberty are kept orderly, which was confirmed by the medical inspector of the Ministry of Health, who carried out inspections of the Prison, which is also recommended by the NPM. After the inspection, the Prison has signed a Contract with General Hospital in Smederevo, which enabled services of a psychiatrist for inmates and continuosly (24/7) monitoring of their health status, as well as a Contract for the treatment of medical waste. Health inspector found that the Prison clinic have met the statutory requirements for operation and performing certain health related activities and equipping facilities for physician ordination is in progress.
Also, Administration for the enforcement of penal sanctions informed the Ombudsman that it will announce a tender for the purchase of uniforms for members of the Department of Security during the October of 2016.
The NPM visited District Prison in Smederevo on 11th of July 2016, on which has made a report with recommendations to competent authorities for eliminating identified deficiencies.