Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, Police Department Niš and police stations within it will handed to all detainees the written information about the rights of detained persons. In accordance with the recommendation addressed to the medical examination, they will be conducted with all persons who show signs of severe alcohol poisoning (more than two parts per thousand). Also, thez will take written statement from the person against whom the coercive measures were applied, in relation to the circumstances of the use of force and the creation of possible violations, in order to more fully examine all the circumstances of the case, so the the justification and correctness of coercive measures could be placed on an objective manner.

The Ministry of Interior informed the NPM that the Department of Human Resources, the Department of Education and Training, will take part in the preparation of plans and programs of training of police officers on the treatment of persons with mental disabilities. Police Directorate forwarded the proposal to NPM reports on visits to police stations submit working groups are currently working on drafting bylaws that would more closely regulate the area of ​​police action.

NPM has visited Pplice Department Niš in April 2016, in order to monitor implementation of the previously addressed recommendations.