Acting on the recommendations of the National Preventive Mechanism, the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration, in cooperation with organizations Group 484 and Save the Children, hired two professionals specialised in working with children in the children's corner of the Asylum Centre in Bogovađa. The Center established records of all personson on the prescribed forms, ensured the availability of an interpreter and the information that the meals fulfil the Islamic dietary requirements is visibly displayed in the dining room. Also, all medical files were transferred to the infirmary and will be available exclusively to medical staff and the authorised officials shall notify the Asylum Office of violations of the house rules.

Regarding the recommendation that the Asylum Office should register and issue identity cards for asylum seekers, Border Police informed the Ombudsman that it is necessary that the Asylum Office be promptly informed by another competent authority about the presence of persons who expressed intention and have serious intention to seek asylum, as well as on their personal data.

The National Preventive Mechanism visited the Asylum Centre in Bogovađa on 24th August 2016, on which has made a Report with recommendations for authorities to eliminate the identified deficiencies.

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