Border Police informed the Ombudsman that the Draft law on foreigners, which is expected to be in the parliamentary procedure in March of 2017, stipulates that foreign nationals who have been refused entry to the Republic of Serbia shall be issued a standardized form with the reasons for refusal, and that, having regard to the addressed recommendation, the possibility to translate the form into arabic, farsi and urdu will be considered. Also, all details and aspects of the adaptation project of the room in which the foreigners who have beeen refused entry into Serbia are placed are discussed at the meeting between Border Police and representatives of ''Nikola Tesla" Airport.

The National Preventive Mechanism visited the Border police station Belgrade at the Airport "Nikola Tesla" on 07th October 2016, in order to monitor the acting on the recommendations addressed in 2015. The Report has been made about this visit, in which recommendations to provide adequate facilities for accommodation of foreigners who have been refused entry into the country and to enable them to stay in the fresh air are repeated. New recommendation, to make a form with informations about the rights and legal status of these foreigners in languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat most of them speak, is also adressed.