Acting on the recommendations of the NPM social work centers in Tutin and Sjenica, in accordance with their capacities are trying to take statutory measures to protect unaccompanied minors which are placed in the centers for asylum in these cities. In accordance with the recommendation addressed to the Asylum Centre in Sjenica, migrants upon receipt undergo a complete medical examination and are provided with every day presence of doctors at this from 8 am to 16 pm. On the occasion of the recommendations that the Office for the asylum seekers register and issue identity cards for asylum seekers, Board of the Border Police informed the Ombudsman that persons which are placed in these centers for asylum do not want to start the asylum procedure in Serbia and that they waiting for their crossing into Hungary.

In performing the duties of the NPM, the Ombudsman has visited centers for asylum in Tutin and Sjenica in September 2016, with the aim of monitoring the treatment of refugees and migrants. After the visit made up the reports with recommendations for remedy the identified deficiencies.