Acting on the recommendations of the NPM Dom "Kulina" taking measures in order for the fixed users to go out into the fresh air, individual treatment planst were improved respecting the wishes and preferences of users. In order to raise the quality of medical care and rehabilitation, measures have been taken to train medical and therapeutic staff working with customers. Acting on the recommendations, the Home has established a record of violations of the user, and  determine that the beneficiary's death within the institution engages independent authorized doctors from the local government, which issued death certificates for users. Also, acting on the recommendation of the Home interrupted the practice of keeping a beneficiary in isolation for years.

NPM visited the Home for adults Kulina in May 2016, with the aim of monitoring the treatment of beneficiaries with mental disabilities. After the visit, the competent authorities were made recommendations to remedy the shortcomings. Acting on the recommendations of the Report and the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs has taken certain actions that will follow the NPM in the future.