Acting on the recommendations of the NPM Institution for adults and elderly "Gvozden Jovančićević" in order to respect the privacy of users in all rooms, where there is enough space, provided lockers for personal belongings, and the users shower doors were installed. Also, the institution was set up and a notice of the existence of video surveillance. The financial plan for 2017 drafted a plan for the purchase of necessary supplies to meet the needs of users. For the implementation of recommendations regarding consent is not medical measure, the institution has adopted a decision regulating the procedure for the provision of health care users. In order to determine the time and the death of the user and issuing a death certificate, the institution has made contact with the doctors of local government that are of particular relevant municipality to determine the cause and time of death.

NPM visited the Institution for adults and elderly "Gvozden Jovančićević" Veliki Popovac in August 2016, in order to monitor the treatment of persons with mental disabilities placed in residential institutions of social protection. After a visit to the competent authorities were made recommendations to remedy the shortcomings. Acting on the recommendations of the Report and the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs has taken certain actions that will follow the NPM in the future.