The Commissariat for Refugees and Migration, acting upon the recommendations of the National Preventive Mechanism, has taken measures to ensure the conditions for the accommodation of persons with disabilities, as well as a sufficient supply of hot water, medicines, bedclothes and hygiene products in Principovac, Šid and Adaševci Receptrion Centers for migrants. In addition, psychological aid for the migrants is provided and access to specialist examinations is improved.

The Commissariat informed the Ombudsman that in the rooms under video surveillance at the Principovac and Adaševci Reception Centers notices to that effect are visibly displayed and that with the planned budget funds is not able to set up video surveillance in all common rooms and the yard at the Šid Reception Center, so that this problem will remain until funds are secured from donors. Also, in the Šid Reception Center notices about the possibility of filing complaints against the staff are displayed and mechanism for complaints is established, which will, if it proves effective, be applied in all other asylum centers and reception centers.

The National Preventive Mechanism visited Principovac, Šid and Adaševci Reception Centers on 02 December 2016, in order to monitor the treatment of migrants and the conditions in which they reside. Recommendations of measures to remedy identified deficiencies are specified in the Report on these visits.

Download this file (Izvestaj o poseti Sid, Adasevci, Principovac EN.pdf)Report on visits