b_280_0_16777215_00_images_20170525.jpgThe tretment of people with mental disabilities who are confined in institutions is unfavorable and difficult and these people represent one of the most vulnerable groups in Serbia, said today Acting Ombudsman Milos Jankovic at the two-day conference of the Network of National Preventive Mechanisms (NPM) of the countries of South Eastern Europe, organized by the Ombudsman in Belgrade.

Jankovic, in the treatment of people with mental disabilities as problems, stated that police officers are not trained to act according to these citizens, and that is the big question of what to do with offenders who are incapable of reasoning. He added that a large number of people with mental disabilities in prisons where conditions are not adequate for their accommodation, and that is not resolved the issue of compulsory psychiatric treatment.

As big problems in residential institutions for people with metal disabilities Jankovic said that it is their binding and isolation, which often isn`t conducted according to the rules, adding that placement in institutions often feigns so it is declared voluntary if there is a signature.

Jankovic stressed the need to open a dialogue with the authorities and make a different approach to persons with mental disabilities. About the treatment of people with mental disabilities in the detention (deprived of liberty) by the police, in prisons and during the execution of the security measures and the treatment of people with mental disabilities in psychiatric hospitals and social care institutions dormitory-type spoke ombudsmen and leaders of national mechanisms for the prevention of CAT of regions and countries of South and specialists in psychiatry and forensic medicine. Among them, the deputy ombudsman Slovenia Ivan Šelih, Ombudsman of Montenegro SUCK Bakovic, advisor to the Association for the Prevention of Torture Jean-Sebastian Blank, head of the psychiatric group NPM Serbia Vladimir Jovic, Head of Forensic Medicine NPM Serbia Djordje Alempijević, psihijatristkinja Margaret Osterfild.