The Ministry of the Interior informed the Protector of Citizens that the Asylum Office acted upon the recommendation of the NPM and that in each of the centers in Dimitrovgrad and Pirot, in the presence of an adequate translator, interviews were conducted with each migrant. According to further statements, all persons were interviewed regardless of whether they possessed the Confirmation of Expression of Intent to seek asylum or did not express such intention, and are on the list for going to Hungary.

When it comes to acting on the recommendation that the NPM sent to the Center for Social Welfare in Dimitrovgrad, it was necessary to follow-up its recommendation, given that Center informed the Protector of Citizens that there has been planned project, that will finance an expert worker who will be on a daily basis in the Center for migrants.

The NPM visited the Reception Centers in Pirot and Dimitrovgrad in February 2017, in order to monitor the authorities' treatment of migrants and asylum seekers.