Acting upon the recommendations of the NPM, Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs and the Provincial Secretariat for Social Policy, Demography and Gender Equality in accordance with the Deinstitutionalization Strategy 2018-2022, will take part in development of Transformation Plan of the Otthon, and will be take measures in order to ensure use of the Serbian language in the Otthon. In order to implement recommendations of the NPM, Decision on banning the engagement of beneficiaries in assistance in the conduct of non-residential activities in the Home was made, and the Provincial Secretariat will issue an order to the director of home in order to stop the practice of long-term isolation of individual users in the Chamber.

In order to ensure the necessary number of staff in Chamber, competent Ministry contacted the Commission for approval for new employment, but also for additional employment for filling vacancies in the Otthon. In order to improve the regulations in the part regulating consent to the medical measure of persons under guardianship, the Expert Group of the Ministry is working on the amendments to the Family Law. In addition, the competent Ministry and Provincial Secretariat in the future will plan to finance the investment funds in order to improve the accommodation conditions of the beneficiaries in the Chamber.

NPM visited the Home for persons with mental disabilities "Otthon" Stara Moravica in October 2016 in order to monitor the treatment of competent authorities towards persons with intellectual and mental disabilities located in special welfare institution stationary type. After the visit to the competent authorities, recommendations for the elimination of identified deficiencies were made.