Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, sent after the visit to the Divljana Reception Centre for migrants, the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration introduces the practice in the reception centers of organizing periodic meetings between representatives of migrants and officials, in order to transfer important information and to point possible problems that exist in the center. In addition, in the Divljana Reception Centre, the problem of hot water is eliminated and in the next period it is expected that video surveillance will be installed and additional physical security provided.

Also, the Bela Palanka Center for Social Work is currently monitoring the situation on the filed and in accordance with the requirements of the Reception Centre Divljana organizes its work and visits to this Center.

NPM visited the Divljana Reception Centre in April 2017. The Report was made on this visit, with recommendations for remedying the identified shortcomings.

Download this file (Reception centre Divljana.pdf)Report on visit