Acting on the recommendations of National Prevention Mechanism (NPM), referred in the Report on the Visit to Shelter for foreigners, Ministry of Interior submitted a response stating that the projects funded by the Swiss Embassy in Belgrade and International Organization for Migration (IOM), defined funds for adaptation and expansion of accommodation capacities in the Shelter. In the framework of the adaptation of facility, it is planned adaptation children's room and provide a doctor's office. However, the constant presence of medical staff at the Shelter for foreigners currently is not possible due to lack of financial and personnel capabilities. For the needs of foreigners, bedclothes and adequate hygiene packages were provided.

In order to ensure clear and precise communication between police officers and foreigners in the future, part of funds from project funded by the Swiss Embassy are defined and for the engagement of translators in the Shelter. The competent ministry will also provide the necessary number of police officers and fill out vacant posts, in order to ensure that the visits last for at least one hour.

On June 9 this year, NPM visited Shelter for foreigners in order to monitor actions of competent authorities on recommendations addressed in the Report from 2016 . After the visit, a report with recommendations was made for further improvement.

Download this file (ENG Izvestaj Padinsk Skela.pdf)Report on visit