A forum at The Center for Cultural Decontamination marked the October 10th, the World Day Against the Death Penalty and the World Mental Health Day, where Miloš Janković, Deputy Protector of Citizens for the Protection of Rights of Persons Deprived of Liberty and Head of the National Preventive Mechanism, spoked.

"Serbia belongs to a group of european and world states, which, due to the basic and universal right to life and human dignity, have abolished the death penalty and took the view that these rights can not be denied even to the perpetrators of the most violent crimes. The Protector of citizens is convinced that the death penalty will never be reinstated and that the Republic of Serbia will never again kill any human being", said Miloš Janković.

He reminded that today around 140 countries in the world do not have death penalty, while in about 50 of them it continues to exists in their legal systems, and in these countries several thousands of people per year are being hunged, shot or otherwise executed. The death penalty in Serbia was last carried out on February 14, 1992 and was finally abolished in 2002, Janković reminded.

October 10th is also the World Mental Health Day, when states, psychiatrists, people with mental disorders, former psychiatric patients point to the importance of mental health for both the individual and society as a whole. On this day, Janković pointed out, the Protector of citizens once again warns on the necessity of the implementation of deinstitutionalisation and the development of the network of services for the protection, care and support of people with mental disabilities as soon as possible.

"The Protector of Citizens dedicates special attention to the protection of their rights, because people with mental disorders in our society are still particularly vulnerable and, unfortunately, largely stigmatized and marginalized. The difficult situation of people with mental disorders is also contributed by the fact that in Serbia there are no conditions for their life with the support of the local community", Janković concluded.