Acting on the recommendations of NPM, police officers of the police stations Savski venac and Stari grad inform all detained persons about their rights in accordance with the Instructions on treatment of arrested and detained persons and make a record of detention. The record after the termination of detention is signed by the detained person or a statement is recorded that person refused to sign the minutes, and time of detention is calculated from the moment when the person was deprived of liberty, not from the moment of making a detentio decision.

In accordance with the recommendations of the NPM, after the use of force all detained persons are taken to a medical examination, and police officers attend medical examinations only at the request of a doctor, which is made up of an official note. In order to protect particularly sensitive data from medical records, in the cases of detained persons no longer are the reports and opinions doctors about their state of health. In order to make a more accurate assessment of the correctness and justifiability of the use of force, from detained persons, in the future will be taken written statements about police actions in the application of these funds.

In accordance with the recommendations of the NPM, police station Stari grad set up office for the protection of objects of committing crimes, as well as a special cash register for the storage of a higher value item.

In July 2017, NPM visited police stations Stari grad and Savski venac in order to follow the recommendations of the NPM Report from the visit to the Police Administration for the City of Belgrade and the Report to the Government of the Republic of Slovenia on the visit of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment CPT) to Serbia. After the visit, a Report with recommendations for further improvement of the position of persons deprived of their liberty was made.