In the Vranje Police Department, the information about the rights will be delivered to the citizens immediately after they are taken in police station and the time when a close person of the detained citizen was informed about his deprivation of liberty will be recorded, according to the Police Department's notification of acting on the recommendations of the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM). In addition, the Police Department instructed police officers to properly determine the start time of detention and established an internal procedure for dealing with citizens under police custody, in order to prevent problems that arise when these citizens are held in the District Prison.

On the other hand, Vranje PD informed the Ministry of Internal Affairs about the need to build cells for police custody in its organizational units and to adapt the existing cell in Surdulica Police Station, but funds were not provided. Also, the police officers of this Police Department will continue to act upon the instructions of the Ministry to handcuffe all citizens who are transported in the police vehicles.

On August 1, 2017, NPM visited the Surdulica Police Station, which is part of the Vranje Police Department, in order to monitor the treatment of persons under police custody and the acting of the Police Department following the NPM recommendations from the previous visit.