The Institute for Accommodation of Adults „Male Pčelice“ informed the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) that, acting on the recommendations, and in order to avoid unnecessary fixations, it put the protective fences on the beds of residents who are at risk of falling and that they are working on harmonizing the fixation method with applicable regulations and standards. The Institute's reply also states that, since the visit of the NPM, the number of fixed residents has been reduced and that the centres for social work have been informed about the need for relocating users who are frequently fixed, but that the answers were that the accommodation in this Institution is the most adequate.

In addition, the NPM was informed that the Institute will act on the recommendation to require an autopsy, as a rule, in cases of the resident’s death, as well as that the Institute will continue to invest in the furnishing of rooms intended for residents.

The NPM visited the „Male Pčelice“ Institute on December 8, 2017 and delivered to the Institute the Report on the visit with recommendations.