The District Prison in Krusevac, following the recommendations of the NPM, took measures to move the prison to another location. In order to fill vacancies and new employment, the Administration for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions requested approval from the Commission for New Employment and additional work engagement with the beneficiary of public funds.

The Prison informed the NPM that the space, which was used for the execution of the disciplinary measure, will no longer be used. Also, binding will be applied on the basis of an individual assessment in each individual case when conducting a person deprived of liberty classified into an open and semi-open department. For the purpose of additional occupation of the free time of the convicted persons, the Prison started negotiations with the Krusevac Theater in order to organize and performances for persons deprived of their liberty, and measures were taken in order to organize sports-recreational activities in cooperation with the Educational Correctional Home. The Prison also provided a receipt for requests for confidential conversation with the warden, as well as telephone calls in one more term, as well as the first telephone call upon receipt.


The Prison has also set up a special place for keeping health records of PDLs, and in the future, the doctor will submit to the warden periodical reports on the health condition of PDLs. Dental care is provided in the Health Center at the request of a person deprived of liberty, and the need for psychiatric examinations is carried out at the Prison with the arrival of a psychiatrist at the request of a PDLs.

Acting on the recommendation of the NPM, the Health Inspectorate of the Ministry of Health carried out an inspection of the work of the health care service in Prison, and on this occasion sent a proposal of measures aimed at improving health services for PDLs - providing a permanent employee and medical technician and an adequate clinic within the Institute. It was also proposed to provide adequate conditions in the accommodation facilities for PDLs.

The NPM visited the District Prison in KruĊĦevac on February 7 and 8, 2018. A report was prepared on the visit with 42 recommendations for remedying the observed shortcomings and improving the treatment of PDLs.