Although there is no systematic torture against PDLs in institutions of closed type in Serbia, certain procedures of officials contain elements of degrading treatment and punishment, warns ombudsman Zoran Pašalić on the occasion of June 26, the International Day for the Support of Victims of Torture.

The Constitution of Serbia and numerous international instruments guarantee the inviolability of the physical and psychological integrity of man and guarantee that no one should be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. This implies that, according to the Protector of Citizens, any intentional pain is prohibited in order to get information or confessions from the PDLs.

With such phenomena, there must be no compromise and opposition to any form of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and punishment, it is important not only for the preservation of the international credibility of our country, it is also imperative in preserving the dignity of all citizens and the democratic foundations of our country.

In 2018, the NPM conducted 29 visits to places where PDLs may be detained and adressed 148 recommendations to improve their position. The largest number of recommendations was sent to the visited institutions for the enforcement of criminal sanctions and refers to improvement of material conditions in which persons deprived of their liberty stay, as well as improvement of health care and treatment.

Considering that by visiting places where persons deprived of their liberty live, the realization of their rights depends mainly on the organizational capacities of managers, Pašalić says that in the future, the practice of visiting the institutions will continue and that they will not allow, under the pretext of "objective circumstances" , under which the most commonly referred to as material and human resources, is inhuman treatment of persons deprived of their liberty, in which, in certain cases, he himself was convinced.