On December 5 and 6, 2018, the National Preventive Mechanism team visited the Correctional Institution and the Police Department in Sombor. The aim of the visit to the Correctional Institution was to get an insight on all aspects of the Institution's functioning and treatment of persons deprived of their liberty. During the two-day visit, the team visited both the Institution's buildings - a building in the center of the city where the reception, semi-opened and closed department are and open department located outside the town, spoke with the management and representatives of the prison services and conducted interviews with a large number of convicted for crimes and misdemeanors and detainees.

In the premises of the Police Department, there were no persons to whom the police detention was ordered and during the visit team obtained information about the actions taken by the PD on the previously addressed NPM recommendations.

In addition to representatives of the Protector of Citizens, in the team for the visit to the Correctional Institution were representatives of the Provincial Ombudsman, as well as the doctor forensic specialists.