The Ministry of Health informed the NPM that projects for complete reconstruction of buildings that are in the worst condition in the Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases in Kovin were completed. The mentioned reconstructions will also include smaller rooms with fewer beds, to comply with the standards, and to follow the recommendations of the NPM. Likewise, following the recommendations of the NPM, people using wheelchairs or some other aids were moved to a new department located on the ground floor, which allowed them to stay out of the building everyday.

The Ministry of Health and the Hospital have informed the Protector of Citizens to act upon the recommendation of the NPM that all patients sign a written consent for the application of the medical measure, and that the treating physician provides the patient and his legal representative with all necessary information on the treatment. After the visit of the NPM, a professional collegium of doctors was held in which it was ordered to avoid long-term fixations.

In order to monitor the treatment of previously adressed recommendations, the NPM visited the Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases in Kovin in June 2018. After the visit, the Hospital and the Ministry of Health were sent a visit report with another 10 recommendations for improving patient treatment.