Acting on the recommendations of the National Prevention Mechanism (NPM), referred to in the visit report to asylum centers in Tutin and Sjenica, Commissariat for Refugees and Migration informed Protector of citizens that will improve records of extraordinary events by the fact that extraordinary events will be recorded in a special register.

In order to improve the nutrition of migrants and provide the safe drinking water in the Asylum Center in Tutin, Commissariat stated that in cooperation with partner organizations, food in the Center is provided in accordance with the religious and cultural needs of migrants, and that nutritionists suggest composition menus. Menus are approved by the Institute of Public Health "Dr. Milan Jovanovic Batut", and the relevant authorities control regularity and quality of food. After the visit of the NPM, the Public Health Institute Novi Pazar conducted hygienic and sanitary supervision at the Asylum Center in Tutin and submitted a proposal of measures.

The Protector of citizens performing the duties of the NPM, in order to monitor the actions of the competent authorities towards migrants and asylum seekers in the Republic of Serbia, visited the centers for asylum in Tutin and Sjenica on 22 August 2018. After the visits reports with recommendations were made and sent to visited centers and Commissariat for Refugees and Migration.