The Belgrade Gerontology Center has informed the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) that it will be possible for the immobile beneficiaries placed in the Bežanijska kosa Home to stay in the fresh air outside the enclosed premises more regularly and that works will be carried out in the coming period at the Department for accommodation beneficiaries with diagnosis of dementia: painting of all rooms, renovation of the bathroom and installation of new draperies will be done, in order to create a pleasant surroundings and environment in which the beneficiaries stay and live.

NPM was also informed that until the adoption of rules that will regulate the conditions and procedure of physical restraint of beneficiaries in institutions of social protection, the Institution will apply the established standards, and that the Belgrade City Center for Social Work ordered guardians to visit their wards more regularly.

The NPM visited the Belgrade Gerontology Center - Bežanijska kosa Home on October 24, 2018. A report containing recommendations for the elimination of observed shortcomings was compiled on this visit.