Representatives of the Institute for Human Rights and Equality of the Turkish Republic were on March 6 and 7, 2019 in a study visit to the Institution of the Protector of Citizens Republic of Serbia. The aim of this visit was the establishment and strengthening of mutual cooperation in the area of prevention of torture and protection of human rights persons deprived of their liberty. During a two-day study visit, representatives of the Turkish delegation Abdulmuttalip ZARARSIZ, coordinator of the National Prevention Mechanism (NPM) of Turkey and Çiğdem ÇELİK, expert in this unit, had the opportunity to get to know with the competencies and methodology of the National Prevention Mechanism Republic of Serbia, exchange experiences in the field of prevention of torture, and make a joint visit to closed institutions in Serbia in which persons are or may be deprived of their liberty.


Dom VozdovacOn the first day of the study visit, after the presentation of the mandate and methodology of the NPM of Serbia, the visit was continued with a touring of the social welfare institution - the Home for the elderly Voždovac. The purpose of this visit was to familiarize the Turkish delegation with the NPM's visit to the institutions of social protection, and persons that are accommodated in this institution, the conditions in which they reside, and the realization and protection of their rights, with the aim of enhancing their protection from torture.





OZ SmederevoOn the second day, the study visit was continued with a visit to the institution for the execution of penitentiary sanctions - District Prison in Smederevo, where representatives of the Turkish delegation also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the NPM in prisons, as well as the programs offered to prisoners in this prison. The delegation, accompanied by NPM of Serbia, visited the premises for accommodation and joint activities of prisoners, and the prison economy, where it’s met with the production activities of the prison.