On April 22, in the premises of the Protector of Citizens, mr Zoran Pašalić signed an Annex to the Agreement on cooperation with associations dealing with the promotion and protection of human rights, while thanking them for their cooperation and active role in protecting and improving the rights of persons deprived of their liberty and prevention torture.

The Annex to the Agreement on Cooperation with the aim of extending the cooperation to date in the work of the NPM, the Protector of Citizens signed with the Lawyers’ Committee For Human Rights, Mental Disability Rights Initiative of Serbia (MDRI – S), and the International Aid Network- IAN, with whom in previous period held joint meetings in order to improve and deepen the cooperation so far.

Associations with whom the annexes of the cooperation agreements are signed will continue to actively participate in visits to places where persons are deprived of liberty, make reports from these visits, recommendations, opinions, and perform other tasks of the NPM, envisaged by individual Agreements on cooperation.