On June 14, 2019, the National Preventive Mechanism made an unannounced visits to the Požarevac Police Department and to the Detention Unit of the Corectional Penitentiary Institute in Pozarevac - Zabela. In addition to the Ombudsman's representatives, the NPM team consisted of representatives of the Committee of Lawyers for Human Rights and an expert - a doctor of the forensic specialist.

With the aim of preventing torture and / or other forms of ill-treatment, special attention was paid to the treatment of police officers toward inmates and detainees. A part of the NPM team visited the detention facility at the police station, while the other part of the team in the Detention Unit of the Penitentiary in Požarevac - Zabeli conducted interviews with detainees.The doctor of the forensic medicine inspected the relevant medical documentation from the first medical examination after the admission of the person in the Institute and the manner of documenting the observed injuries, if any.

Although the visit was unannounced, the cooperation of the authorities with the NPM team was complete and constructive, in which way it was possible to accomplish the NPM mandate in the concrete case.