The Association “Observatory of national preventive mechanisms against torture” (NPM Obs.) published with the consent of NPM the report on the visit to the National Preventive Mechanism of the Republic of Serbia. The Report refers to years 2017 and 2018 during which the Observatory visited the Protector of Citizens twice and observed the NPM operation. Based on this, the Report presents observations and suggestions which might be considered by the Serbian NPM in order to improve methodological approach in the visits to locations where persons deprived of their liberty are or might be accommodated.

The delegation of the Observatory met during the preliminary visit in June 2017 the employees of the National Preventive Mechanism of the Protector of Citizens, representatives of Provincial Ombudsman, representatives of associations collaborating with the Protector of Citizens in the performance of NPM activities, state authorities in whose competence the institutions visited by NPM are and other persons. During the main visit, in June 2018 the delegation of the NPM Observatory followed the NPM of the Republic of Serbia in their visits to the Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases Kovin, Punishment-Correctional Institute in Belgrade -Padinska Skela and Police station Zemun, as well as the preparations of these visits and reporting about them.

The Report on the visit to the Republic of Serbia is of utmost importance for NPM of the Republic of Serbia because it is the first report of this type of the NPM Observatory. Members of NPM team shall review the suggestions from the report of the NPM Observatory since they will unquestionably contribute to the improvement of their operation.

The NPM Observatory is an international non-profit organization which offers to national preventive mechanisms the possibility of independent insight and analysis of their capacities for efficient implementation of tasks assigned by the Optional Protocol with the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment and Punishment.

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