The Kragujevac District Prison acted in part on the recommendations of the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture, which were sent to it after an announced control visit of the NPM on January 29, 2019.

The District Prison's response submitted to the NPM states that the District Prison acted on the recommendation of the NPM and that in the future, the first medical examination upon admission would include an examination of all bodily areas with special attention given to injuries and photographing them, and that it would notify the public prosecutor's office if it suspected that the injuries indicate abuse. The response also stated that the medical staff had received the necessary training required for this type of examination and treatment.

In accordance with the recommendations, a disinsectization of the dormitories was carried out, while in detainment unit, the rooms were painted and a shared bathroom was repaired. The procedure for roof repair has been started and, as the answer states, the tender procedure for the contractor is underway.

However, the institute cannot comply with the NPM recommendation and provide regular health check-ups for employees, because it lacks the necessary resources. The answer also states the institute is not able to increase the level of engagement of convicts and detainees, since there are no job positions or technical conditions where they could perform tasks without requiring additional conditions in terms of security.

The last time the NPM visited the District Prison in Kragujevac was in 2013. The last visit was a regular visit in order to systematically control the situation in the institution with regard to respect for the rights of persons deprived of their liberty. A Report was prepared on the visit, outlining the established situation and recommendations for eliminating the identified deficiencies.