Within the Nišville Jazz Festival, in front of the Prince's Villa at the Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases in Gornja Toponica, the International Youth Orchestra and the Slide Ride band from Niš held a concert for patients and employees, as well as for all interested citizens, Nišville fans.

In this way, the organizers of the festival pointed out that the Prince's villa, which is in a very bad condition, needed reconstruction, but they also contributed to the destigmatization of psychiatric patients, who are often marginalized and excluded from social communities.

The Protector of Citizens welcomes the efforts of socially responsible organizations and activists and calls for a more frequent practice of holding concerts, art colonies, theater shows and similar programs within psychiatric institutions, thus promoting the socialization of patients and counteracting rooted prejudices and widely accepted behaviors towards persons with mental disabilities and other marginalized social groups.

The National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture of the Protector of Citizens pays special attention this year to the situation of people with mental disabilities in psychiatric and social care institutions, since the conditions in which they live are poor and inadequate, and they themselves are often prevented from exercising their rights. Broader social support in this area is almost completely lacking, while the public and media's interest in the problems of persons with mental disorders is minimal and reduced to sporadic and unprofessional reporting, often including violation of professional ethics.