Yesterday, on World Suicide Prevention Day, the NPM team visited the Clinical Center of Vojvodina. The visit was regular, announced, as per the 2019 Visit Plan. The NPM team, in addition to the representatives of the Protector of Citizens, consisted of representatives of the provincial Protector of Citizens, as well as a physician – specialist in psychiatry and a representative of the International Aid Network (IAN).

The cooperation of the management and employees at the Clinic with the NPM team was complete and constructive. In addition to the material conditions of hospitalization, admission procedures, treatment of agitated patients and other issues of importance for the prevention of torture, special attention was paid to the situation of minors and the way psychiatric health care is offered to this particularly vulnerable social group.

The NPM will produce a report with recommendations on the visit to the Psychiatric Clinic, the implementation of which would contribute to the improvement of the situation of psychiatric patients and the compliance with standards in this field.