On September 19 and 20 this year, the NPM team made seven visits to places where prisoners deprived of their liberty are or may be located. All visits were unannounced and cooperation with police was exceptional. In addition to NPM employees, the visit was also attended by a forensic specialist, representative of the International Aid Network IAN.

In order to examine the treatment of citizens by the police, the headquarters of the Vranje Police Department and the District Prison in Vranje were visited on September 19, where interviews were held with detainees brought to the implementation of the measure after being detained by the police. A forensic specialist examined the relevant medical documentation made upon admission to the institution, and particular attention was paid to the adequacy of medical examinations when admitting persons to the institution and the manner of documenting possible injuries.

During the night, a visit was made to the Police Station in Surdulica, where no detainees were found. The next day, while visiting the headquarters of the Leskovac Police Department, an interview with a detained person was conducted, with an overview of the relevant documentation.

At the same time, the second NPM team made three visits to military facilities – barracks in Bujanovac, Vranje and Leskovac, which contain premises for the execution of the disciplinary measure “Prohibition of departure from special premises in a military facility for up to 15 Days”. The NPM team was given the opportunity to visit special premises intended for the execution of the mentioned measure, and members of the Serbian Armed Forces provided all the requested data and information regarding the manner of its execution. The cooperation of the members of the Serbian Armed Forces with the NPM team members was professional and complete.