The Psychiatry Clinic of the Clinical Center Kragujevac accepted the recommendations of the NPM from the visit Report of May 30, 2019 and undertook a series of activities to create a positive therapeutic environment – rooms were allowed decoration, paintings and decorative flower pots were placed in the hallways, places were made for a pause and a short break. New cabinets next to the patients' beds have been repaired or purchased.

In the response of the Clinical Center Kragujevac delivered to the NPM, the Psychiatry Clinic stated that it had introduced a book of records on the application of physical restraint in which all the required data were entered and undertook measures to systematically keep records and record data on the course of the disease, not only electronically, but also into the patient history form. Acting on the recommendations of the NPM, the Clinic also prepared a plan for the education of health technicians.

The NPM will continue to monitor the activities of the Psychiatry Clinic of the Clinical Center Kragujevac, especially with regard to the implementation of the recommendations made, which relate to the drafting of the analysis of existing needs for mental health services in the community and its submission to the Ministry of Health, as well as the development of psychosocial rehabilitation programs for all patients, by organizing group psychotherapy with patients from the same diagnostic categories and creating conditions for a smooth and safe stay of patients with a possibility to walk in fresh air.