Representatives of the NPM of the Republic of Serbia participated in the second meeting of the South-East Europe NPM Network, organized on the topic “Specific needs of minors in detention facilities” in Skopje.

The meeting emphasized that minors are a particularly vulnerable and sensitive category of citizens, and that juvenile detention is an inadequate measure and can be harmful in multiple ways, which is why it should be used as a measure of last resort, after all other options are exhausted.

In situations when juvenile detention must be applied, as emphasized at the meeting, the measure must be implemented together with fulfilling the necessary conditions – employees who work with minors must have specific knowledge of their needs and must develop a relationship of mutual trust in their work. Minors must also be allowed to attend school, as well as to access medical, social and psychological care and support. The environment in juvenile care facilities also needs to be tailored to their needs, while their rights must be presented to them in a language they understand and in an appropriate way, those are the conclusions of the Southeast-Europe NPM Network meeting.

The two-day meeting in Skopje was attended by NPM representatives from 13 countries – Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo*. In Skopje, it was also agreed that the Republic of Croatia chairs the Southeast-Europe NPM Network in 2020 as well.