The NPM team conducted an announced visit to the Department of Psychiatry of the General Hospital in Jagodina yesterday, which has a mental health dispensary at its disposal, a day hospital with a capacity of up to 45 patients and a psychiatric ward with 16 beds.

In addition to the representatives of the Protector of Citizens, the NPM team consisted of a psychiatrist specialist, a representative of the International Aid Network – IAN.

The NPM assessed the cooperation of employees as excellent, and during the visit, apart from checking the material conditions of accommodation, due attention was also paid to the admission procedure, treatment of agitated patients and other issues of importance for the prevention of torture.

Although the NPM will prepare a detailed report on the conditions in the health care facility and the treatment that patients have in terms of protecting and respecting their rights, even on the basis of the visit itself, the NPM was able to preliminarily evaluate the accommodation conditions and collegial relations among employees as very good, while the interviewed patients indicated that they were satisfied with the way doctors and medical staff treated them in their work.