Yesterday, the NPM visited the institution for the accommodation of adults and the elderly with mental and intellectual disabilities in TeŇ°ica, as part of the visits dedicated to assessing the reproductive rights of women in social welfare homes. During the visit, after checking the quality of the accommodation, the NPM team paid special attention to the reproductive and sexual freedoms and rights of the female beneficiaries of the institution. NPM representatives spoke with beneficiaries, employees about the fulfillment and respect of their rights, and were given access to the required documentation regarding the sexual and reproductive freedoms and rights in the institution.

The staff at the Tesica institution cooperated fully with the NPM, thus enabling this independent mechanism to fulfill its mandate. The findings and conclusions of this visit with recommendations, if there is a need for them, will be presented by the NPM in its unique report on the position of female beneficiaries in social welfare homes in the area of protection and promotion of their reproductive rights, after carrying out all planned visits by the end of the year.