On 24 and 25 October 2019, the NPM team conducted a control visit of the Prokuplje Police Department, with the aim of monitoring the implementation of recommendations sent to it in 2015.

The police stations in Blace, Kursumlija, Zitoradja were visited, as well as the traffic police field office in Prokuplje, which the NPM visited during the night. All visits were unannounced and foreseen by the 2019 visit plan, and cooperation with the police officers was good, which is all the more significant from the NPM's point of view because the visits were not announced to the executives. The visits were carried out by the NPM employees, and during the night visit, a forensic specialist also participated, a representative of the International Aid Network – IAN.

During the visit, an interview was conducted with a person who was detained under the Criminal Procedure Code at the premises of the District Prison in Prokuplje. The detained citizen had no objection to the conduct of police officers towards him and he judged it as decent.