In its Report on the visit to the Shelter for foreigners, the NPM states that the preparation of the translation of the reasons for placement in the Shelter into several languages has begun, which will be served to foreigners either with the decision on accommodation or during accommodation. The house rules have already been translated into several languages and are handed over to persons upon their placement at the Shelter, and the NPM recommendation was adopted that families with children, should they find themselves in such a place, since a case like that was not recorded in years, should not be separated in the future. The report also states that one of the two wings intended for housing foreigners in the Shelter has been renovated and is being used, while works on the other wing are in progress.

At the same time, the NPM indicates in its report that there are still deficiencies in terms of health care, which it had been pointing out for a long time, and problems with access to lawyers have also been identified. Concerning the hiring of translators, the competent authorities announced that they will seek funding for this purpose in 2020.

In its replies to the NPM Report on the compulsory removal of Chinese nationals and the sent recommendations, the most important being the provision of translators, the Ministry of the Interior said that it did not have a uniform practice at the moment, but that the problem was being solved from situation to situation, and that for the year 2020, they sought the necessary funds for this purpose.